Corporate Gift Giving Guide for Jacobs Field Lavender

Our Ethos

The ethos behind this venture is to harness a resource, namely a 5 acre field in Islip, for the benefit of many local stakeholders. The landowner regards this as “land share,” and would like to encourage others with land to cultivate it for the greater good.

What began as a small barren field has now brought forth many crops of lavender providing ingredients for lavender products that have been sold and the proceeds  used for the community.  Dr South’s school of Islip has been using the field throughout the school year to learn about the natural environment by growing their own food and studying ecosytems and through a bursery for a certified forestry teacher.  This teacher has  been able to give the  children a further understanding of their  natural environment by intoducing them to forestry, ecology and natural resources all studied in the field.

Our Success

Our founder, Lin Cooper, had the vision to use this field to benefit the entire community in Islip.  While sadly, Lin is no longer with us, her vision has become a reality at Jacobs Field Lavender. We honor her memory by helping the children of the local school.

During the school year, the children from Dr South’s School spend several mornings  each week in the field learning how to grow plants for which raised beds have been provided. As well as growing their own food, this adventure has helped them to understand the eco-systems of the natural world and how they are in balance and harmony with one another.

In addition to growing, the children also benefit from a forestry school on the field.  In 2015, a new school building was built so that the children  have the use of a classroom at Jacobs Field.  The children have been able to visit the field more often in 2016.

Your Part in Our Community

By purchasing Jacobs Field Lavender products, you are investing in the life of the Islip community.  You not only get the benefit of our local, natural products, but you get the assurance that you are participating in a good work for the people of Islip and for the world.

Access our Corporate Gift Product Guide below to see examples of our products and our order form.

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